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Kathmandu after dark

Progressing into the year of VisitNepal2020 and being a Nepali one would try to keep away from the negative reviews about the capital city of the country. But it is what it is; “THANKS” to our GOVERNING ADMINISTRATIVE BODIES with a lot of WORDS, less PLANNING and very little WORK on the ground. To solve the problem, first YOU need to recognize and accept that there is one.

“Whether one is dreaming of hiking beneath pure, snow-capped mountains or seeking transcendent spiritual experiences, Kathmandu – most travelers’ gateway to Nepal – is bound to be a shocking disappointment at the outset. The Himalayas, which can be glimpsed from the plane during the descent into the nation’s capital, are blotted from view by the smog and dust that hangs above Kathmandu valley. And it’s hard to square the pursuit of inner peace with the city’s noisy, dirty, crowded streets.”

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towels packed, will travel

Certain countries possess an undeniable mystique, holding sway over one’s imagination long before one has the opportunity to visit. For D, Nepal was high on this list, though his fascination had more to do with the country’s landscape than its reputed spirituality (as one travel guide puts it, “Nepal is a one-stop spiritual destination: every activity here revolves around finding yourself, seeking your roots…”). Ever since D got into mountain climbing during his Peace Corps days in Ecuador – and especially after reading a handful of mountaineering books – he had longed to see the Himalayas.

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Namaste! Mero naam Samantha ho. Malaai Nepal dherai manparchha.

It gives me extreme joy to know that people all over the world are intrinsically capable of connecting with each other at various levels; irrespective of their background, nationality and culture. We are all parts of the same whole consciousness. People may experience this in many different ways, only if they are ready to give up their biases and stop judging.

“When I got off my plane in Kathmandu, I was not expecting Nepal to be such a beautiful and amazing place, with such incredible and fantastic people. Nepal has changed who I am, and solidified the fact that service above self runs through my blood. Sharing gives pleasure. Guests are gods. Love is the universal language. Making the world a better place is why I was created. All I want to do is be a good person on the inside and outside.”

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The Asha Project

GAP Program of the Asha Project

By Samantha Waldron , I am a proud member of the Rutgers New Brunswick NJ Rotaract Club in USA, partnered with Raritan Valley Community College NJ Rotaract Club in USA and the Asha Project. http://www.theashaproject.org

Namaste – I love Nepal very much.

I am so emotional from this week. I have had the valuable privilege of meeting a bunch of really lovely people, given a ton of school supplies to wonderful children, interacted with fabulous kids and awesome college kids, rode motorcycles, ate delicious food, danced my booty off, broke language barriers, hiked till I couldn’t move, experienced spiritual temples, gazed upon gorgeous mountains, dressed up for photo shoots, smiled, sang, laughed and appreciated life for what it really is. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the welcoming attitude, exceptional protection, lovely hospitality and exhilarating fun.

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When foreigners come to visit Nepal, or other such developing countries for that matter, they experience “BARGAIN” for sure. One of the most considerate and patient comments I have read so far…

“Throughout the entire trip you will have to bargain almost everywhere. Especially, if we are talking about souvenir shops, spa centres and excursions. In order to gain a better understanding on how things are in Nepal, you need to know that the average salary in the country is around 70 USD a month, so tourists is a big source of income for the local population, who tries their best to earn as much as possible on them.”

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