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Changing perception: Bye-bye flies!

fly sketch

I was sitting on my desk while a few houseflies were taking full pleasure in bothering me. They would sit on my keyboard, on my PC screen and even on my nose and ears. As time went by I became increasingly irritated by their random flights all over my desk. I was like, why the hell you don’t mind your own business and leave me alone? Of course, they didn’t answer me and it was my turn to do something about it.

With a swift move of my hand, I caught one of them. I could sense its flapping inside my fist and also could hear its awful buzz. I was so annoyed by now that I threw it on the floor at once with every force I could gather. Then I looked for it on the floor and found it lying under the table. It fluttered, twitched a bit and then went motionless. With my leg I pushed it aside just to keep it out of my sight. Was I successful? Yes and no!

I couldn’t remove it from my thought although the existence of this fly was history by now. 20 milligrams weighing creature hit the cement floor with all the force I could gather in my hand. It must be like a person falling off the Eiffel Tower and hitting the concrete on the ground. Not exactly! But something like that. Then I started to think from the housefly’s point of view. It was a confined room and the fly had nowhere to go. The room is fairly clean but it somehow got trapped inside. Even if it wished to go out, it didn’t know how to enact it. It couldn’t ask for help, neither could it generate clever idea of its own.

I looked around. Still there were a couple of other flies roaming around. I thought they must be the friends of the one lying dead on the floor. I caught them one by one in my fist, as gently as possible, and quickly walked out the door to release them out in the open. Now, I like to believe that those houseflies must be enjoying the green grass, flowers, trees and plenty of open space to fly. Nevertheless I wish never to see you again soon. Bye-bye flies!

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LIFE, You Complete The STORY….

The sagacious sage

LIFE, You Complete The STORY….

Horse(Photo Source: Google)

Once upon a time, there lived an old man and his only son together in a countryside village. They were very poor and used a horse cart as a major source of income. One day their horse ran away and vanished into the wild, leaving both the father and the son in immense misery.

“What a pity” neighbors expressed their solace and support.

A couple of days later, the horse turned up with a filly out of nowhere. It was a really happy day for the father and the son.

The neighbors came by and congratulated them for finding the lost horse along with the new-found filly.

Two Horses

The very next morning when the son was trying to train the filly, he fell off it and broke his arm and leg. This was a bad news for the ailing father who now had to handle the horse carriage by himself.

The neighbors came by and deeply sympathized with the family.

Life was dragging somehow for the father-son duo. A few days later a platoon of army visited the village recruiting young adults for the looming war. The son was left behind because of his flawed physical condition.

Again the neighbors appeared at their door steps. They were happy for both the son and the father who especially greeted the news with a great sigh of relief.

You got the idea now. Please feel free to fill up the remaining of the timeline with more creative events and complete the story as you please. The STORY which we know as LIFE…. (Inspiration: A talk by Ramesh S. Balsekar)

* * * *                      

The sagacious sage

Once upon a time, there was a sage, living in the middle of a dense forest. People from faraway lands would come to pay tributes to him. Once, a renowned king came to visit him. Impressed by his wisdom, the king requested the sage to accept his three sons as his disciples. The sage agreed to meet them in person before he would make any decision.

A few days later, three princes appeared at the sage’s doorstep. The sage requested all three of them to wait out in the wild and enter the hut one at a time, when called on.

As the youngest prince entered through the door, an apple fell down from nowhere. Without wasting any time, the prince instantly sliced the apple in half with his shining sword. The sage said “Good Job! Keep it up” and asked the prince to return without communicating to the other two princes.

When the second prince entered the cabin, he immediately sensed a falling object, which he grabbed in the air before the apple could hit him. The sage said to the prince “Very Impressive! You are almost there” and asked him to return to his kingdom without talking to his brother, waiting outside.

Finally, the eldest prince slowly entered through the cabin door and carefully grabbed the apple from above, before it would fall off the edge of the door. The sage said to the eldest prince “Well, now you can start” and accepted him as his disciple. (Inspiration: A talk by Dr. Allan W. Anderson)

* * * *