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The sagacious sage

Once upon a time, there was a sage, living in the middle of a dense forest. People from faraway lands would come to pay tributes to him. Once, a renowned king came to visit him. Impressed by his wisdom, the king requested the sage to accept his three sons as his disciples. The sage agreed to meet them in person before he would make any decision.

A few days later, three princes appeared at the sage’s doorstep. The sage requested all three of them to wait out in the wild and enter the hut one at a time, when called on.

As the youngest prince entered through the door, an apple fell down from nowhere. Without wasting any time, the prince instantly sliced the apple in half with his shining sword. The sage said “Good Job! Keep it up” and asked the prince to return without communicating to the other two princes.

When the second prince entered the cabin, he immediately sensed a falling object, which he grabbed in the air before the apple could hit him. The sage said to the prince “Very Impressive! You are almost there” and asked him to return to his kingdom without talking to his brother, waiting outside.

Finally, the eldest prince slowly entered through the cabin door and carefully grabbed the apple from above, before it would fall off the edge of the door. The sage said to the eldest prince “Well, now you can start” and accepted him as his disciple. (Inspiration: A talk by Dr. Allan W. Anderson)

* * * *


Just a random noise, I suspect at first
I try to hear with outright concentration, but in vain
As if nothing could prepare me, for it was beyond the limited perception of my brain

Suddenly, oblivious to avoid, resist or compare with,
I happen to give up all my pretenses
In the absence of measurement, comparison or interpretation, I now attend, with every bit of my senses

Amid complete attention, I cross boundaries and hold no center
Once thoughts, ideas and ideals are renounced
I break free of knowledge when the meaning is unmistakenly pronounced

The vibration sounds so pure, almost divine
Deciphers every word, symbol and image, I ever knew
Piercing my ‘Darkness’, the delusion, I held so close, clearly in view

* * * *

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