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Changing perception changes everything…. Bye-bye flies!

I was sitting on my desk while a few houseflies were taking full pleasure in bothering me. They would sit on my keyboard, on my PC screen and even on my nose and ears. As time went by I became … Continue reading

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When you are confused and stuck in life….

Whenever you are heavily confused, feel profoundly stuck in life or faced with some stubborn problem in front of you, take a few steps back, analyze your basic assumptions and try to visualize the bigger picture. The state of confusion … Continue reading

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The sagacious sage

Once upon a time, there was a sage, living in the middle of a dense forest. People from faraway lands would come to pay tributes to him. Once, a renowned king came to visit him. Impressed by his wisdom, the … Continue reading

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Just a random noise, I suspect at first I try to hear with outright concentration, but in vain As if nothing could prepare me, for it was beyond the limited perception of my brain Suddenly, oblivious to avoid, resist or … Continue reading

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