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Luckily Escaped Road Accident

Very Lucky! But we can not depend on luck every time. Being aware of your surrounding and environment is the key.

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Bus Picking up Kids, Wrong Side of the Road

First of all the bus seems to be at the wrong side of the road; considering it has stopped there to pick up school-kids from the walkway. The bus driver could have checked his side and rear view mirrors for … Continue reading

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Wasn’t Aware of the Oncoming Forklift

Hazards do not care how busy or distracted you are. By the time you notice, it may be too late. Be aware of your immediate work environment!

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What is He Thinking or is he At All?

You would wonder, what was he doing or thinking…. or Was he thinking at all? I remember once being required to stand outside the class for not doing my homework:)

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Misperception of Risk May Cause Injuries

What is the culprit here? Unsafe Act, Hazardous Condition, Stupidity, High Risk Tolerance, Management Related Deficiencies or simply Misperception of the Level of Risk Involved….

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