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Disregarding Crane Load Chart

Disregarding your crane load chart is never a good idea. Performing Risk Assessment before starting a job is always a good one!

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Proper Risk Assessment Could Have Changed the Situation Here

This is why we need Risk Assessment before a Job? Performing Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Risk Assessment and implementing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) become quite important to avoid accidents during such tasks.

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Unsafe Ladder Use without Fall Protection

Hazard doesn’t care how confident or expert you are at your job, it just knows how to transform into an accident when presented with a risky condition or an unsafe action. And bam, you are left to deal with the … Continue reading

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What is He Thinking or is he At All?

You would wonder, what was he doing or thinking…. or Was he thinking at all? I remember once being required to stand outside the class for not doing my homework:)

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Be Aware of Your Surrounding and Work Environment

You would think what could go wrong in 2 minutes. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Keep it covered, if not, barricade it and place an appropriate safety signage. On the visitor’s part, be aware of your surrounding … Continue reading

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