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Power Tool Protective Guard Works

The incident could have generated serious consequences if the power tool had no protective guard. Nevertheless, where are your PPEs?

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Painting at Height without Fall Protection System

Just STOP! I’m sure If you were living in that particular floor, he is painting, you would have said “Please don’t! let my exterior look uglier if that reduces your probability of falling by a tiny bit”. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Launching of Unsecured Compressed Gas Cylinder

Valve stem is probably the weakest point on a compressed gas cylinder. If accidentally struck or damaged, the gases under high pressure may escape at 30,000 miles/hr. This rapid release of stored energy turns the cylinder into an unguided missile … Continue reading

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Unsafe Ladder Use without Fall Protection

Hazard doesn’t care how confident or expert you are at your job, it just knows how to transform into an accident when presented with a risky condition or an unsafe action. And bam, you are left to deal with the … Continue reading

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What is He Thinking or is he At All?

You would wonder, what was he doing or thinking…. or Was he thinking at all? I remember once being required to stand outside the class for not doing my homework:)

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