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Construction Lifting Failure – Why Lift Plan is Important

Lifting operation is an integral part of construction projects. Every lift carries a set of risks that needs to be managed in order to prevent accidents. Unsafe lifting operations can result in fatalities, serious injuries as well as extensive damage … Continue reading

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Don’t Laugh! Multitasking May Cause Accidents

Despite its safety concerns, people like multitasking because it saves time. But, does it worth the effort? Also, it can be frustrating sometimes…. Take A Break!

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Safety Helmet and High Visibility Vest Not Enough

Of course he is wearing hard hat and high visibility vest. Identifying hazardous conditions and unsafe behavior could be a good start there. Assessing risks and implementing adequate engineering/administrative controls would be the next steps. That’s right! PPE is the … Continue reading

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Working At Height Hazard

Working at height is a hazard, but the unsafe working condition or behavior has certainly turned the situation risky now.

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Near Miss Incident An Opportunity To Learn

NEAR-MISS is an opportunity to learn and to implement adequate risk control measures to prevent similar incident in the future. The incident should be recorded as a potential hazard that, luckily, did not result in any injury or loss this … Continue reading

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