Our Services

Our commitment is to provide your organization with Occupational Safety and Loss Control solutions which help 

(a.) Establish healthful and safe work-environment 


(b.) Protect employees from accidents, injuries and illnesses.

To achieve this, our core strategy would be to suggest risk control measures to reduce safety related losses.

When it comes to risk management strategy pertaining to environmental health and occupational safety, you have basically 4 options to effectively reduce the potential for losses namely, risk elimination, risk mitigation, risk transfer and risk acceptance.

To comply with recently promulgated Labor Act, 2074 (2017 AD) of Nepal, we proudly offer  a range of Safety and Risk Control solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.

*Developing EHS/OHS Policy, Safety Management Framework and Various Roles and Responsibilities*

*Management Leadership and Employee Involvement*

*Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment*  

*Accident Prevention and Risk Control Programs*

*Training, Education and Knowledge Share*


*Existing Safety Policy Review, Program Evaluation, Audit, Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement*

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