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Near Miss Incident An Opportunity To Learn

NEAR-MISS is an opportunity to learn and to implement adequate risk control measures to prevent similar incident in the future. The incident should be recorded as a potential hazard that, luckily, did not result in any injury or loss this … Continue reading

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(22 August 2018) When A Fire Broke Out at the 12th Floor of a 16 Story Residential Building in Mumbai

“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it.”  Crystal Tower had over 100 residents. Zen Sadavarte, who was a class-3 student then, was sleeping when her mother spotted the smoke at around 8 am. … Continue reading

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What did you do? What did you learn?: When the earthquake Struck!

(Photo Source: Google) Almost all of us, who witnessed and survived the devastating Gorkha Earthquake on 25th April 2015, would easily recall what exactly we were doing when the Earth started shaking on that fateful day. Following are some of … Continue reading

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