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Teach for Nepal: Passing the light

(3rd Cohort: Completion of 2 years fellowship & Induction into the Alumni Movement) Recently I had an opportunity to attend an annual event program of Teach for Nepal (TFN), committed to end education inequality in Nepal. TFN is doing good … Continue reading

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Bangladesh Rana Plaza collapse: Need for a comprehensive DRM/BCP

(Photo Source: Google) Background Review 24th April 2016, the collapse of Rana Plaza garment factory complex, the deadliest industrial accident in the history of Bangladesh, marked its 3rd anniversary. To commemorate the loss, thousands of survivors, activists, relatives of the … Continue reading

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What did you do? What did you learn?: When the earthquake Struck!

(Photo Source: Google) Almost all of us, who witnessed and survived the devastating Gorkha Earthquake on 25th April 2015, would easily recall what exactly we were doing when the Earth started shaking on that fateful day. Following are some of … Continue reading

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Earthquake tragedies in Nepal and around the world

History of earthquake events in Nepal Let’s have a quick review of the historical earthquake events in Nepal. This is also important because of the fact that the past earthquake events can help us predict the impact of future catastrophes … Continue reading

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