Mt. Everest Moments: 2019 VS 2021

“This is the route to the summit of Everest a few days ago. As you all know, back in 2019 a photo of mine showing a queue to Everest’s summit went viral around the world. However, a picture only tells the story of one moment, and so I wanted to show you another moment on the world’s highest mountain. There have been more permits given this year, but I hope this goes to show the other side of the story. I believe in protecting these beautiful mountains and helping the communities that both live and enjoy them. That’s why I set up the Nimsdai Foundation and Big Mountain CleanUp to try and create positive change. I believe we need to have the conversations around protection of the mountains, recycling, but we must always remember that we must reflect the whole story. Not just one moment, but all the moments that exist here in the mountains.”

Source: Nirmal Purja @RONB; Viber, 5 June 2021

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