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When You Are Not Aware of Your Task and Surrounding

Probably, inadequate toolbox talk before starting the science experiment! Be alert and aware of your surrounding environment. At the same time, focus on the task in hand, no matter where you are.

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Vision of 21st Century Sustainable Business Model

One of the core challenges of 21st century business leaders is to build an innovative and profitable business model while retaining sustainability as its driving strategy. Not many have pursued the vision and very few have succeeded. Tesla, Inc. has … Continue reading

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Noise Pollution in Nepal

Regarding noise pollution, Sound Quality National Standard 2012 is the only benchmark set by the Government of Nepal. Moreover, Nepal does not have any specific regulation, robust implemented/enforced rules or long term concrete plans to control noise pollution in various … Continue reading

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Mt. Everest Moments: 2019 VS 2021

“This is the route to the summit of Everest a few days ago. As you all know, back in 2019 a photo of mine showing a queue to Everest’s summit went viral around the world. However, a picture only tells … Continue reading

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