An apt example where Business Continuity Planning (BCP) could have saved lives

Here is an apt example where Business Continuity Planning (BCP) could have saved lives; not that I believe it is “THE SOLUTION” and would solve everything for sure, however.

A heartbreaking incident took place on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 at Bhim Hospital in Bhairahawa, Nepal. Three Covid-19 infected people died due to the lack of oxygen. Utility power supply was cut off on Wednesday morning due to sudden thunderstorm which caused production disruption in three local oxygen plants. Due to the high demand for oxygen, as soon as the oxygen cylinders were filled, they would be rushed to the hospital. This was a bottleneck situation and evidently the lack of power caused the supply chain to fail. Meanwhile, Bhim Hospital in Bhairahawa ran out of oxygen. A hospital source said that they lost three lives due to the lack of oxygen in the hospital for about 8 minutes. (Source: Kantipur Daily, 12 May 2021)

Had the three oxygen plants planed for ready alternate power source, it was likely that the supply of oxygen would not be disrupted and lives could have been saved. Lately there have been many such cases in Nepal revealing major deficiencies on the part of critical service providers. A big lesson to be learned by all the stakeholders.

Don’t get fooled by one clicked moment

In the name of spreading motivation and inspiration people tend to readily accept things they find solace in. Meanwhile, they often miss the truth behind. I came across this picture. Is s/he happy, content and thus rich? I don’t think so. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Likewise, don’t get fooled by one clicked moment in the front; behind the journey is arduous, each day and everyday. Think about it, however much I wish from the bottom of my heart, deep down I know the baby may not gonna smile all day long. Even if s/he does, lets not deceive ourselves. Life can be unfair and treacherous beyond our imagination.