True Calling in Life!

When someone asks you about your true calling in life, how would you respond? I guess everyone does what they do because they find meaning in it. Significance, purpose and value are the driving forces behind one’s interpretation of personal meaning. If I don’t have a sense of meaning I would not even consider getting up from my bed every morning. Some may find meaning in chopping trees to feed their children, while others find meaning in planting trees to save the planet. Sometimes I am aware and sometimes I simply don’t care. I think, in this “true calling” that we are taking about, there is a caller and the one that is being called. I become the caller to experience the calling. I may call it true coz I found meaning in it.

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2 Responses to True Calling in Life!

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 YES!!! EveryOne; it’s THIS!!!


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