Frontline Workers Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

During these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, essential and frontline workers around the world may suffer various kinds of anxieties, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insecurities, sleep disorders, future uncertainties, isolation, prolonged separation from their loved ones, etc. which are most likely to adversely affect their psychological conditions; probably in more ways than one.

Under the circumstances, relevant authorities, governing bodies and the responsible management teams must put extra efforts to provide these tireless angels a work environment that should feel safe and free from negativities, such as emotional stress, violence, discrimination, harassment, etc. at the least. 

We know that adequate workplace safety-culture can not be achieved overnight however, it is clear that the change starts from the top down. The leaderships must be sensitive enough to understand the essential workers’ emotional challenges, work stress, exertion and psychological conditions arising from the work they do so relentlessly.

Employers must be aware of their employees’ immediate needs (problems, priorities, work overload stress and even personal issues if any) and should highly encourage them to have conversations or consultations in a one-on-one setting because empathy and assurance from a manager can go a long way.

These leaders, managers and supervisors of relevant organizations must also understand that their essential and frontline workers’ mental wellbeing will have direct impact on the valuable services they provide so selflessly and we all depend on so desperately. These are tough times and the least we can do is support and motivate our heroes to fight this nightmare; we fight, we endure, and yes we shall win collectively. God bless!