Women’s Safety: Stop normalizing rape culture!

Recently I came across a thought-provoking TEDx video by Shrinkhala Khatiwada on YouTube. The talk was focused on women’s safety and how an ignorant or rude sexist-comment, attitude, behavior, misconduct, etc. in our society may lead to more serious sexual harassments, violence, rape and even murder. As a safety professional, I could not help but relate the “Rape Culture Triangle” shown in the video with the “Accident Triangle” frequently referred in Workplace Safety Management process. After all our workplaces are also a replica of our own society.

The Accident Triangle shows a relationship between death, serious accidents, minor accidents, near misses and unsafe acts in our workplaces. Further, it proposes that if the number of minor accidents (including near misses and unsafe acts) is reduced then there will be a corresponding fall in the number of serious accidents and death at your workplace. Likewise, the Rape Culture Triangle implies that if we want to ensure women’s safety and reduce the number of rape victims in our society, we must address the attributes lying at the bottom of the pyramid.

It’s high time, we as a society made some serious commitment towards women’s safety and against the normalization of rape culture before it moves towards the culture of degradation or assault. Watch the video and start the conversation today if you haven’t already. Bravo, Shrinkhala!