Changing perception: Bye-bye flies!

fly sketch

I was sitting on my desk while a few houseflies were taking full pleasure in bothering me. They would sit on my keyboard, on my PC screen and even on my nose and ears. As time went by I became increasingly irritated by their random flights all over my desk. I was like, why the hell you don’t mind your own business and leave me alone? Of course, they didn’t answer me and it was my turn to do something about it.

With a swift move of my hand, I caught one of them. I could sense its flapping inside my fist and also could hear its awful buzz. I was so annoyed by now that I threw it on the floor at once with every force I could gather. Then I looked for it on the floor and found it lying under the table. It fluttered, twitched a bit and then went motionless. With my leg I pushed it aside just to keep it out of my sight. Was I successful? Yes and no!

I couldn’t remove it from my thought although the existence of this fly was history by now. 20 milligrams weighing creature hit the cement floor with all the force I could gather in my hand. It must be like a person falling off the Eiffel Tower and hitting the concrete on the ground. Not exactly! But something like that. Then I started to think from the housefly’s point of view. It was a confined room and the fly had nowhere to go. The room is fairly clean but it somehow got trapped inside. Even if it wished to go out, it didn’t know how to enact it. It couldn’t ask for help, neither could it generate clever idea of its own.

I looked around. Still there were a couple of other flies roaming around. I thought they must be the friends of the one lying dead on the floor. I caught them one by one in my fist, as gently as possible, and quickly walked out the door to release them out in the open. Now, I like to believe that those houseflies must be enjoying the green grass, flowers, trees and plenty of open space to fly. Nevertheless I wish never to see you again soon. Bye-bye flies!

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3 thoughts on “Changing perception: Bye-bye flies!”

  1. This is great! Really resonates with the post I shared, Let the Flies Fly. Putting yourself in the ‘others’ perspective really changes how you view yourself and the world. All it takes is a small shift in perception and then domino effect. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. I enjoyed this story and relate very well to it..I have repented too dealing with ants, being called to get rid of them, in one part of my mind and looking at their lives, so unaware they are causing me a problem just by merely existing. I liked the part where you were imagining the force that fly hit the concrete… *falling off the Eiffel Tower 🙂 I smiled..relating to your mind:)

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