(Part 1 of 4) Labour Act, 2074 (2017 AD): Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) related provisions


Provisions relating to Occupation Safety and Health

68. Formulation of Safety and Health Policy

  1. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the rules made under the Act and directions issued pursuant to the Act and rules, every employer shall formulate a policy on safety and health of the workers and other persons in the workplace and implement it.
  2. The policy formed pursuant to sub section (1) shall be registered in the Office.
  3. Other provisions relating to the Safety and Health Policy formed by the employer shall be as prescribed.
  4. The Office shall regularly monitor whether the safety and health policy formed by the employer under this section is complied or not.

69. Duties of employers towards workers

  1. Duties of employers towards the workers in respect of Occupational Safety and Health shall be as follows:

a.) Ensure safe environment by making appropriate safety and health provisions at the workplace;

b.) Make necessary provision for the use, operation, storing or shifting of chemical, physical or bio-degradable material or equipment so that the safety and health of the workers are not affected adversely;

c.) Provide necessary information, notice or training relating to the safety and health to the workers;

d.) Provide necessary training and information in an appropriate language to the workers in relation to the equipment and use or operation of chemical, physical or biodegradable material for the work;

e.) Make proper arrangement for the safe entry and exit from the workplace;

f.) Provide necessary personal safety equipment to the workers; and

g.) Make other provisions as prescribed.

2. The employer shall not take any fees from workers for providing necessary safety equipment or facilities to the workers.

70. Responsibilities of employer towards non-workers

  1. Every employer must make necessary arrangement for the safety and health of every person who walks in and out of the workplace or passes through such workplace.
  2. Where there is any possibility of causing harmful effect or any risk on the safety and health of any person by the operating system of the workplace, the employer shall make an arrangement for giving signal or giving or keeping information in that respect.
  3. Any enterprise using or manufacturing chemical products, shall ensure that the flora and fauna, people and environment of the locality are not adversely affected by the chemical substances, gases or any other thing discharged during the operation of such enterprise.


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