When you are confused and stuck in life….

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Whenever you are heavily confused, feel profoundly stuck in life or faced with some stubborn problem in front of you, take a few steps back, analyze your basic assumptions and try to visualize the bigger picture.

The state of confusion is very disturbing psychologically resulting in disoriented thoughts all over. You may lose track of your actions, purpose or meaning in life. Everything starts looking fuzzy and stops making sense at all.

By taking a few steps back, you actually allow yourself to go back into the basics and breathe naturally. It may enable you to see things more clearly by recognizing your core values and significance in life. Looking inwards, when you become true to yourself, it will bring a kind of shift in your perception and will probably give birth to new assumptions in your consciousness; which will be more harmonious and closer to truth.

This entire process will inevitably alter your disposition towards life. Your being and meaning of life will change in the blink of an eye.

The transformation in thought is all about being able to see the bigger picture in this magnificent existence, we call life. After all we are all parts of the same unbroken wholeness; living in rather individual fragments, we may just not realize it completely yet.

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