LIFE, You Complete The STORY….

Horse(Photo Source: Google)

Once upon a time, there lived an old man and his only son together in a countryside village. They were very poor and used a horse cart as a major source of income. One day their horse ran away and vanished into the wild, leaving both the father and the son in immense misery.

“What a pity” neighbors expressed their solace and support.

A couple of days later, the horse turned up with a filly out of nowhere. It was a really happy day for the father and the son.

The neighbors came by and congratulated them for finding the lost horse along with the new-found filly.

Two Horses

The very next morning when the son was trying to train the filly, he fell off it and broke his arm and leg. This was a bad news for the ailing father who now had to handle the horse carriage by himself.

The neighbors came by and deeply sympathized with the family.

Life was dragging somehow for the father-son duo. A few days later a platoon of army visited the village recruiting young adults for the looming war. The son was left behind because of his flawed physical condition.

Again the neighbors appeared at their door steps. They were happy for both the son and the father who especially greeted the news with a great sigh of relief.

You got the idea now. Please feel free to fill up the remaining of the timeline with more creative events and complete the story as you please. The STORY which we know as LIFE…. (Inspiration: A talk by Ramesh S. Balsekar)

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  1. I loved the story, and thanks for sharing. I am not a believer of the saying ‘everything happens for a reason (or for better)’. So, things happen but its up to us to look at the brighter side or the darker. Its up to us to bring the good out of it.

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