Office Ergonomics: A Sound Business Investment

Ergonomics is primarily the practice of fitting the job to your employees with careful customization. It involves the process of designing workstations so that they fit the employees or workers who eventually use them. A good ergonomics program within an organization can make life easier for everyone.

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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and back pain are some of the most common office or work related injuries. They may be caused by simple work activities such as sitting in an office chair, changing body posture or lifting stuffs. Muscle strains, lower back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are some commonly known MSDs affecting body muscles, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments or tendons. A sound implementation of ergonomics program can help your organization control these risk to a great extent.

Ergonomic injuries may cost your organization in terms of reduced work efficiency, low morale of employees and increased medical expenses. It doesn’t matter whether the workplace is an office, a construction site or a manufacturing plant; when employees are less fatigued and work without discomfort, they tend to be more alert, more satisfied, happier and productive in many ways.

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Along with adequate awareness, proper training, planned administrative controls and carefully designed engineering controls, organizations can eliminate the risk of most work related MSDs and ergonomic injuries. It surely can prove to be a wise investment in terms of saving medical expenses, increasing productivity and promoting your employees’ well-being .

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