(5 of 5) Book Review “Sustainable Value: How the World’s Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good” by Chris Laszlo

Sustainable Value by Chris Laszlo 2


This book by Chris Laszlo is a useful addition to increasing number of “green-literatures” in the market. The author not only focuses on the ethical and emotional reasons for sustainability, but also makes compelling suggestions on how businesses can actually implement sustainability. The book provides a practical framework as well as suitable examples on why and how to integrate sustainability into the core activities of a business.  

This book has filled the gap by providing specific business tools and case studies to implement a dynamic sustainability strategy within an organization. This can play a major role in addressing complex environmental and social challenges faced by today’s businesses.

The essence of the book’s learning can be readily compared with the CSR/Sustainability movement which comprises of green product, lean manufacturing and safe environment for the employers and the employees as well as the customers and the communities. Although the roots of sustainability are embedded into the environmental issues, as described in the book, the concept of sustainability comes hand in hand with the CSR activities targeting the triple bottom line of businesses that is people, profit and planet.

CSR initiative emphasizes that business practices should be based on transparent communication, ethical values and respect for both community and environment. Our organizations’ environmental concerns can drive us towards the business opportunities which can be explored and eventually be used as competitive advantage and value creation. The understanding can thus help us broaden our perspective as an organization to include wellbeing of people and planet rather than just limiting ourselves within the profit strategy. (* * * *)


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