Earthquake Impact: Iron & Steel Industries in Nepal

Nepal Steel and Iron Rolling Mills Association (NSIRMA) assured that although post-earthquake Nepalese steel and iron industry might be utilizing around 48% of its production capacity, it would be sufficient to meet the demand. When the Gorkha Earthquake rocked the nation, there were around 20 steel and iron factories operating across the country. This sector consists of industries like the rebar industry, corrugated iron industry, and wire industry, among others. The steel rod industry, under normal conditions has an estimated annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons. Likewise, the corrugated iron industry and wire industry has an annual production capacity of around 300,000 tons and around 200,000 tons respectively. (New Business Age, July 2015)

Reinforcement Steel Bar Industries….

CGI Sheet Industries….

GI Wire Industries….

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Gorkha Earthquake Impact: Nepalese Iron & Steel Industries

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