What did you do? What did you learn?: When the earthquake Struck!

Nuwakot Palace EQ(Photo Source: Google)

Almost all of us, who witnessed and survived the devastating Gorkha Earthquake on 25th April 2015, would easily recall what exactly we were doing when the Earth started shaking on that fateful day. Following are some of the brief accounts of people living around Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts of Nepal.

Mr. Hariman Singh Dangol lives nearby the renowned Nuwakot Palace in Nuwakot District. He is an elderly local priest at the Bhairavi Temple, close to the palace. Recalling the learning from his old folks, Mr. Dangol immediately dropped down and maintained the duck-posture by pressing the ground with both hands. During the interview, he also actively demonstrated his earthquake-safe behavior which he applied inside the temple on the day of the earthquake.

Hariman Singh Dangol_ NSET

Mr. Manoj Tamang, a local resident of Laharepauwa VDC in Rasuwa District, mentioned that his younger brother was studying in the ground floor of a two-story house on the day of the Gorkha Earthquake. “He could run and go out, but he chose to go under the bed during the earthquake; he learned this at his school” said Manoj painfully. Manoj, who hoped that the brother made safe escape out in the open, lost his brother to the quake as the house collapsed and unfortunately crushed the bed entirely.

Manoj Tamang_ NSET

From Bidur Municipality-3 in Nuwakot District, Ms. Samita Dangol, a local shopkeeper, shared her brave story of rescuing her two younger sisters even after the two-story house collapsed miserably. “The two school girls saved their lives, taking shelter under the bed on the 2nd floor. This wouldn’t be possible if the bed was fragile or box-type” said Samita with convincing rational.

Samita Dangol_ NSET

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