Government dispute with the Sherpas

Deepest condolence to the friends and families who lost their loved ones in the tragic avalanche on Mount Everest this April, 2014. It is consoling to know though, few of the initial compensation demands have been met by the government. The foresight of the government and the relevant management bodies would have made this aftermath transition a lot easier as far as the insurance agreements and the provision of adequate compensation amounts are concerned. Although the probability of these kind of incidents happening in the near future can be predicted low, the consequences could be life threatening or fatal as we can see.

The government of Nepal should strategically plan to spend a good chunk of revenue generated from the Mount Everest to the safety, well being, education and development of the entire chain of communities supporting the mission in this region. Along with providing with proactive safety measures, the government should also equip the Sherpa guides with adequate insurance compensation package, pension, relief funds etc., considering the high level of risks involved in the job. The Mt. Everest expedition also demands a robust emergency preparedness and response planning to prepare for such disasters in the future.

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